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Equine Newsletter Autumn 2009

8th December 2009

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Wedding Bells!

2nd December 2009

Congratulations to our vet Mary Jo who has just got engaged to her partner Andrew! He popped the question whilst they were on holiday in Versailles.

Pets and Cold Weather!

2nd December 2009

Now that it’s getting colder we need to take extra care of our pets. Those kept outside, such as rabbits and guinea pigs, need to be kept out of damp and draughts. The cold weather can particularly affect older pets. Our nurses run senior pet clinics that can offer advice on issues affecting elderly pets including arthritis.

Equine Questionnaire

2nd December 2009

Many thanks to all of our equine clients who have taken the time to complete our questionnaire. Please keep them coming in. We will be looking through them in the next few weeks.

Christmas is coming!

2nd December 2009

Christmas time can be a hazard for pets.

Care needs to be taken with decorations and toys that, when eaten, can cause serious problems such as intestinal obstructions. Chocolate is toxic to animals, particularly those with high cocoa solids, ie. dark chocolate, or if eaten in large quantities. Ensure chocolate is kept well out of pets reach. If you are concerned your pet may have eaten chocolate phone us for advice.

The extra hustle and bustle and visitors around Christmas time can be stressful for pets used to a quiet life. Try to ensure they have a safe refuge they can escape to if they want a break from the excitement. If you feel your pet finds Christmas and New Year (and the associated fireworks) stressful, please make an appointment to see one of our vets who can discuss the problem with you and advise, and possibly medicate, accordingly.

Christmas is a time of excess for many of us and our waistlines often suffer! The same can be true for our pets. If you feel your pet’s New Years resolution should be to lose weight then make an appointment for him/her with our nurse weight loss clinics.