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Snow, snow, and more snow!

8th January 2010

This beautiful weather is proving hazardous to humans and animals alike!

Extra care is needed with the icy conditions - pets slipping and injuring themselves is fairly common, as are sore paws from the ice and salt. There have even been reports of frostbite in dogs. Most dogs are pretty resilient to the snow but care needs to be taken that they are not getting too cold. Animals can suffer from hypothermia too!

Extra thought needs to be taken for small pets in hutches in runs outdoors. Whilst most are very tolerant of cold temperatures, they quickly become chilled if accompanied by any damp or draughts. In these freezing conditions they should be moved to warmer, sheltered areas.
With this weather most dogs and cats are not getting the exercise they would normally have. If their diet is not reduced to account for this then they will soon get tubby! If you feel your pet may be getting a bit overweight please come to one of our nurse weight clinics where they will be happy to offer you lots of advice on shifting those extra kilos!

Wild birds will be finding the conditions difficult. The snow and ice makes it difficult to forage for food. If you have bird feeders in your garden, make sure they are kept topped up, as the birds will be relying on them. Birds will often travel large distances using up valuable energy to get to feeders so ensuring they are stocked up is very important.