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PDSA Pet Survivor of the Year 2008 - Fern

12th February 2010

Some of you may remember reading about Fern, the Border Collie from Nairn in the press. She was awarded PDSA Pet Survivor of the Year 2008, which celebrates the amazing ability of animals to survive against all the odds.
Fern’s story began in March 2007 when she decided to leap into a river to cool off after a walk. She emerged from the water with a 10 inch stake impaled in her chest.
Her owners, Barry Butcher and Clare Molyneux hurried her straight to MCVG. The stick had pierced her chest then penetrated her diaphragm, rupturing her liver and intestines and leaving debris throughout. She also had 2 broken ribs. MCVG vet Andrew Stevens performed 3 hours of surgery to remove the stick and stabilise Fern. She was then referred as an emergency to the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, near Edinburgh where she underwent a blood transfusion and further life saving surgery throughout the night followed by a few days in intensive care.
Fern went on to make a complete recovery and even gave birth to healthy puppies in November 2007.
Fern is now 8 and a half years old and has had no real ill effects from the incident.
She really is an amazing dog and very deserving of her title as Pet Survivor!
The stake!!
Fern Now.