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Adder awareness

2nd June 2011

You may have read in the Forres gazette about a dog who was bitten by an adder whilst walking in the woods.
Whilst very uncommon, adder bites are potentially very serious for humans and animal alike. If you see, or suspect your pet of being bitten by an adder, contact your vet immediately. Adder bites usually occur in dogs and require urgent veterinary attention.
Whilst getting to the vet certain measures can be taken to reduce the severity of the symptoms - firstly you should avoid interfering with the wound (don’t attempt to suck out the venom!), secondly it is important to immbolise the animal and keep them as quiet as possible. This reduces the chance of the venom spreading through the pet’s system. Signs of adder bites include:- the obvious 2 puncture wounds from the adder’s ‘fangs’, sudden onset dramatic swelling (location would depend on the site of the bite - most often the face or a limb), sudden onset weakness, pale gums or difficulty breathing. Bites to the face are particularly serious as the swelling that follows a bite can affect breathing. Whilst adder bites are serious and can be fatal, prompt veterinary treatment will improve your pet’s chances of survival and reduce the damage done by the bite. Veterinary treatment usually involves antihistamines, pain relief and intravenous fluids. In severe cases adder antivenom is also needed. Adder antivenom is very hard to come by. It is a human product that veterinary surgeries are not usually able to stock. In the case of our recent adder bite the nearest place we could obtain it from was Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. Fortunately that case didn’t require that antivenom as the dog made a full recovery without it. The owner kindly donated the antivenom to us so we can use it if we ever need it again. Hopefully not!

Patter of tiny feet!

2nd June 2011

Congratulations to veterinary nurse Rachel and head nurse Nicola, who both recently gave birth to adorable babies!

Flea and tick treatment offer

2nd June 2011

We currently have a special offer on Frontline Combo spot-on flea and tick treatment for dogs and cats. Frontline not only prevents fleas infesting your animals but also stops their life cycle so they don’t infest your home. Until the end of June if you buy 3 pipettes you get a 4th free, and if you buy 6 pipettes you get 2 extra free.