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Myxomatosis awareness

6th September 2011

In the past few weeks we have been seeing cases of myxomatosis in pet rabbits.
Myxomatosis is a viral disease that affects only rabbits and hares. It is passed between rabbits by biting insects such as fleas, midges and mites but can also be passed directly from rabbit to rabbit. Rabbits housed outside, particularly if wild rabbits and hares are nearby, are most at risk.
Signs include swelling of the eyelids, nose and genitals. The disease is usually fatal in unvaccinated rabbits.
Vaccination is the best way to prevent your pet rabbit contracting the disease. Vaccination is very effective but does not completely guarantee that your rabbit will not catch myxomatosis. However, if the disease should develop in a vaccinated rabbit the signs are much milder and the rabbit is likely to make a complete recovery.
We would recommend myxomatosis vaccination of any unvaccinated pet rabbits.
Rabbits can be vaccinated from 6 weeks of age. Only healthy, non pregnant rabbits should be vaccinated.
If you are interested in getting your pet rabbit vaccinated please call and make an appointment.