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Kennel Cough

28th August 2012

We are seeing a large number of Kennel Cough cases at the moment. Kennel Cough, also known as Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis causes inflammation of the upper airways resulting in a persistent hacking/retching cough. Sometimes the retching cough can lead to vomiting. It can take 2-3 weeks to clear up. There are a few organisms that can cause Kennel Cough. They are airborne so are passed between dogs sharing the same airspace. It is more common when large numbers of dogs are in close proximity such as when dogs are kennelled or at dog shows and other events but can also be passed between individuals that meet on walks. Fortunately there is a combined vaccine against 2 of the commonest causes of kennel cough.  If your dog is not already vaccinated against kennel cough we would recommend that you do so. It involves a few drops of vaccine administered into one of your dog’s nostrils. It can even be done at the same time as your dog’s yearly booster vaccination.
If you are intending to put your dog into kennels, please check with your boarding kennels what their policy is regarding Kennnel Cough vaccination.

Laser Tag

15th August 2012

The bosses at MCVG arranged a staff day out. To encourage a happy team it was decided that what we all needed was to run around a field shooting each other. We went along to The Loft at East Grange, got kitted out in camouflage gear and spent a fun 2 hours playing various games with our laser guns. A great time was had by all despite a bit of cheating and some people taking it far too seriously (Jamie).


Nairn Show 2012

9th August 2012

The Nairn Show proved to be a fun day despite the rain. Our stand proved popular, particularly Mooo-riel the practice wooden cow. She was filled with goodies for children who got to don arm-length gloves and retrieve them in a typically veterinary fashion! Our new Practice Plan for pets was introduced to visitors and generated a lot of interest.

nairn show

Come and visit us at the Nairn Show!

6th August 2012

The Nairn Show always proves to be a fun day out. This year it is on Saturday 28th July and MCVG have a stand. Please come along to meet our staff and see the plans for the new Nairn premises. There will also be information on our new healthplan for pets and offers on equine wormers.