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New Nairn Premises Open Day

30th July 2013

On Sunday 8th September we will be having an open day at the new Nairn Premises (the old Lodgehill GP clinic).
Everyone is welcome to come for a tour of the premises plus special events will be arranged for the day - details to follow.

Wedding Bells

30th July 2013

Congratulations to MCVG Veterinary Nurse Michelle who married fiancee Graham on Saturday. A lovely day was had by all.

Heat Stroke

10th July 2013

Now that the warmer weather has finally arrived it is important to remember our animals need extra attention.
To avoid heat stroke make sure animals are kept in a cool, well ventilated environment out of direct sun with access to fresh drinking water. Avoid exercising them during the warmest part of the day - stick to early morning and evenings. Keep exercise gentle. Dogs in particular will often continue to chase their ball even when getting dangerously hot. Dogs with heat stroke may become weak and pant excessively or may collapse or seizure. It is important to get them to the vets as soon as possible. Cooling them down by wetting their fur or putting towels soaked with cold water onto them in the meantime will help. Change the towels regularly as they soon warm up.
Some animals also suffer from sunburn. Those with thin fur, particularly those with white fur and pink skin are most susceptible. Animal specific sun block can be purchased online. Alternatively, children’s sun block can be used when applying to areas that the animal is unable to lick off eg. ear tips.

Findhorn Boat Trip

2nd July 2013

A group of MCVG staff had a brilliant time on Sunday on a boat trip from Findhorn Marina. We went out on the Buchaneer, a speedy RIB run by North 58 Sea Adventures. We travelled east along the Moray coast where we saw a variety of seabirds and a few seals. The dolphins eluded us. The trip included some exciting bursts of speed over bumpy waves and we all got a good soaking. The hot chocolate in Burghead harbour was welcome, as was the meal in the pub afterwards.